"Hiburim - Connections"

Integration of HFASD in the IDF

"Hiburim - Connections"

Integration of HFASD in the IDF

In these challenging times, the "Hiburim" program needs your support

Hiburim, as part of the "Effi – Asperger Israel" NGO, is dedicated to enable and facilitate the integration of young individuals diagnosed with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFASD) into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Military service in Israel is a civic duty to ensure the nation's security. It also serves as a crucial avenue for social integration within Israeli society. However, since many young individuals diagnosed with HFASD are exempt from military service, their integration into society is limited. To volunteer to the IDF, they require a specialized platform.

Since 2014, Over 170 participants have already served in various units and roles according to their abilities, and the IDF's needs. Their service contributes to the nation's security, and enables them to continue to contribute as civilians once they have completed their service.

In the face of the current emergency situation, our program participants continue to serve in their units, making valuable contributions to the security efforts of the IDF and the State of Israel. However, the situation exacerbated their unique HFASD challenges, so support is required now more than ever. To continue supporting their ability to cope and serve, we are raising funds at this critical time.

Since October 7th, we have remained dedicated to offering crucial support by our team of professionals who have deep understanding of each volunteer, their military environment, and their commanders. With them we find the path to continue functioning during this emergency, and providing unwavering support during difficult times.

Please find below the donation opportunities:

  • By Credit card (israeli tax recognizes) using   link for $ or link for NIS
  • Bank transfer Bank No: 12 (Hapoalim) Branch No: 630 Account No: 232255 account name: Effie-asperger.
  • IN the United States through PEF (eligible for USA tax deductions)
    Please note the following page for using this donation channel.
Mor Alon,
Director of the Hiburim Program at the
Effie – Asperger Israel Association.
Moralon1@012.net.il | +972-50-56955559

PEF is an organization that issues a recognized receipt for tax-deductible donations from American contributors. You can transfer a minimum amount of $25 or any other amount through them. For the donation to go through PEF, and for the donor to receive a tax deduction confirmation, the following steps must be taken for contribution via check:
In the designated comment section, write the name of the organization as it appears in the PEF documents and its organization number:
The Asperger Association, Israel (Effie) 58-0384675


Send the check to PEF's address
. P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc
630 Third Ave, Ste 1501
New York NY 10017 USA


PEF will issue a tax-deductible receipt for the donor's tax purposes in the United States and send it to them.
checque for effie asperger


Contributions may be wired directly to PEF account at:

Israel Discount Bank
511 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017
ABA# 026009768
Account# 0326932
Account name: PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc.

Please send an e-mail to info@pefisrael.org stating the exact amount that was transferred, the recommendation for. the name of the charity:

The Asperger Association, Israel (Effie)-Hiburim 58-0384675

Without this information from the donor in writing the PEF may not be able to identify or allocate the funds

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